Crazy Woman Walks Into UFC Fighter Urijah Faber’s House; Sh*ts Herself; Pukes; Passes Out; Gets Arrested!


Urijah Faber is the UFC‘s #4 Bantamweight in the World. As you can imagine, he ain’t a dude to be messed with. He’s not a guy you’d eyeball in a bar. And he’s certainly not the kind of fella whose front door you’d knock on, before barging into his house, locking yourself in his bathroom, puking everywhere, pooping all over the place and then passing out. You just wouldn’t do it.

Unlike this (thankfully) unnamed woman. Who did just that. How do we know about it? Well, Urijah Snapchatted the story on the night it happened. And, disgusting as it is, it’s still pretty damn funny.

Urijah Faber

On the video Faber can be heard saying: “This is kind of strange. Is this really f*cking happening right now?”

It’s definitely not an every day occurrence, is it? She didn’t even flush.