Wedding Ends In CARNAGE After Ex Hands Out Photos Of Bride Giving Him BJ 2 Days Earlier


Weddings can be tense affairs. A lot of booze gets drunk. Family and friends with beef get drunk and words get said. You even get the odd fight at these things, don’t you? But never anything as full scale and crazy as THIS!

The ceremony over, people walk into the reception room for the evening and find photos on every table. They show the bride performing oral on someone. It’s her ex. And the pictures are from just two days previous…

The ex snuck in and out unseen. But the bride’s brothers? They think the groom’s friends are responsible. So they kick off. Before you know it? Utter carnage! Tables thrown. People beat up. It’s CHAOS!

Wedding Chaos

You’ve never seen chaos like it…

This sh*t is CRAZY!

Wedding Chaos

Check out the carnage:


And here’s another angle of proceedings: