Idiot Smashes Restaurant Window; Gets In Chef’s Face; Chefs KOs Him With One Punch


New Orleans, Louisiana. In the French quarter, there’s a famous restaurant called ‘Palace Cafe‘. The food’s good there. The chefs are talented. And not just at cooking, either. As we see here in this clip, those boys can FIGHT too!

A drunk customer is out of it, throwing insults and being a d*ck. So he’s thrown out. While outside, he continues to cause trouble and smashes the front window. A chef goes outside to protect colleagues and customers while the police arrive.

Soon the drunk fella is up in his grill (pun intended) and the cook doesn’t like it. So he pops him one. Instant KO.

Cook KOs Guy

We love how the guy’s friend drags him away while sparked out and his pants come down…