Woman LOSES IT And Storms Out Of Studio After Host Pulls Her Boob Out On Live TV


Yola Berrocal is known in Spain as a TV personality with big assets. Once famed for apparently having ‘the largest t*ts in all of Spain’. The 46 year-old sometime actress is going viral across the world at the moment after she was exposed to the world by a controversial television host.

Millions of people have seen the clip now after it hit the internet and caught on. In the short video we see the host of TV show in Spain chatting to Yola when he appears to ‘accidentally’ pull down her top and show off her augmented breast.

But on repeat watching, it is clear that the incident was no mistake. The footage was then shown on a big screen in the studio. Much to the woman’s obvious distress.


You don’t get TV like this in The States… Unfortunately.