Drinking Beer From A Pair Of Boobs Is The Newest Viral ‘Challenge’…


It seems like there’s always a crazy new viral challenge going on, doesn’t there? There’s been the the one where people eat cinnamon. And the one where a condom full of water gets dumped on someone’s head… And the viral phenomenon of the Ice Bucket Challenge. And now there’s a new one… ‘Boob Luge’.

Coughing up spices, breathing in water and freezing our nuts off. None appealed to us, so we didn’t bother. But #BoobLuge? We’re keen on this idea. It’s a simple premise. You down beer from between a girl’s boobs. And that’s kinda it. Brilliantly simple.

There’s no skill to it, no technique. There are no rules. Just cans and, well… cans. You can even play with Boob Luge with older ladies!

Boob Luge

Alright, alright. We get it. You’re boring of hearing us rattling on about it. You just wanna check it out for yourself. Your wish is our command. Here it is. Here’s #BoobLuge