Model Shows You Clever New Way To Tell If A Woman’s Breasts Are Real Or Fake


Lopburi Province, central Thailand. A young model named Wichooda Cheuychom stumbles across an interesting new technique. She’s worked out how you can tell if a woman’s breasts are fake or not. We just always kind of thought you find that out by asking. Or – hopefully – touching. But Wichooda here has a foolproof way… And it involves two cellphones.

You might think it’s easy to tell because real ones look natural and fake ones look like huge great big spheres thrown onto a woman’s chest. But not so – it actually turns out that modern breast augmentations look extremely realistic now.

This technique is simple and she demonstrates it rather handily for us. All you need is a dark room and two smartphones. And a women with breasts.


Pretty smart. See for yourself: