‘Psychic’ Old Chinese Man Reads Women’s Futures By Feeling Up Their Breasts!


The paranormal. The supernatural. Where do you stand on it? Weird and inexplicable things occurring… UFO sightings, poltergeists, crop circles. What about people who claim to see into the future? Psychics have been around since forever. Some swear by these so-called mystics, others doubt their powers.

And there are many different ways of seeing in someone’s future. A psychic may use Tarot cards or, perhaps the most common? Reading someone’s palm. Palm reading is all well and good, but hands are no fun, are they? What if breast reading was a thing?!

Well, apparently it is. And guess who’s doing it? Yup – you got it. Some sneaky old fella. So we ain’t convinced by it. Mind you, we’re impressed by how he keeps a straight face as he does it, this old Chinese ‘psychic’…


What a job. You’ve gotta love this old fella’s style, huh…?