Brian Williams Drops It Like It’s Hot!


The Tonight Show’s Brian Williams/hip hop mash-ups are gaining legendary status across the world. Having already taken on Baby Got Back and Rappers Delight, the editing guys got this thug NBC Nightly News newscaster to ‘rap’ the Snoop Dogg classic What’s My Name? Now this certainly isn’t an orthodox ‘cover’ of the 1993 hit, but we at TB think that it has a peculiar charm missing from the original. It’s also hilarious! So what hip hop anthem would you like to see The Tonight Show and Brian take on next? Express Yourself? Big Pimpin’? The Message?! Or perhaps you’d rather see them turn their attentions to other newscasters? I’d personally like to see Diane Sawyer’s interpretation of Tupac’s Hit ’em Up!

Did you know that Brian Williams’ daughter, Allison, is a famous actress, comedian, and singer, most notably appearing in the HBO smash, Girls?