Bully Gets Body Slammed HARD After Punching Kid in Face Over And Over Again


Now, we all know that bullying is not good. There’s no excuse for it. Picking on someone that just wants to be left alone – what’s the point? As far as we’re concerned – if you bully someone, you deserve to get knocked on your a*s. So it’s with get pleasure that we bring you the following video…

A kid’s getting bullied at school. The aggressor – it’s the oneĀ on the right in the white. He’s giving the kid in red sh*t for no real reason. The bully boy decides to start throwing hands. He punches the bullied kid over and over again. But the bullied kid just eats up those blows.

Then before you know it – the tables turn. The bullied kid just LOSES IT. He picks up his bully and body slams him like you wouldn’t believe! Check it out: