Plus Size Model Shows How Easy It Is To FAKE ‘Thigh Gap’


British plus-sized model Iskra Lawrence might be a size 10 but she gets plenty of work regardless. She might not be rake thin, but she’s stupidly hot and looks great in all sorts of clothes (and without them, if we’re completely honest). Anyway, the UK-based clotheshorse has taken to social media to debunk one of the great myths of the selfie generation… The thigh gap!

You see, conventional wisdom has it that a woman either has the gap at the top of the legs (which is so desirable apparently) – or she doesn’t. But that’s just not true.

In a couple of pictures taken just seconds apart, Lawrence proves otherwise. Pretty smart. Here she is – you might recognize here:

Iskra Lawrence

And here is her attempting the traditional pose to determine whether a woman can achieve the thigh gap or not…

Iskra Lawrence

And here she is with a simple shift of position, moving her butt back a little!

Iskra Lawrence

Here’s the message she wrote on Instagram alongside the pictures…

Iskra Lawrence So now you know.