Captive Crocodile Bites Man’s Face BADLY As Circus Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong


Thanh Liem District, Vietnam. A circus performer does a routine with a crocodile. Like he’s done a thousand times before. Except this time it goes BADLY wrong and the croc ends up biting his FACE. And badly too…

The Chairman of the Thanh Liem District said this in a recent statement about the incident:

“There was rainy weather on Saturday evening but the circus entertainers did not want to betray the audience. Prior to the performances, the circus brought a crocodile but unfortunately, it died and the replacement crocodile was put on instead.”

“Fortunately, the actor was only wounded in the incident. Now he is being treated in hospital in Henan province. By this morning, the health situation of the actor was better.”

Crocodile Bites Man's Face

This is pretty nasty stuff. Don’t say you weren’t warned.