Idiot Shoots Himself Point Blank In Face With Paintball Gun; Predictably It Ends Badly


Zach here is stupid. And that’s not an insult for two very simple reasons. Firstly, it’s just plain true. He is. The man’s a damn idiot. The second reason it’s not insulting is that he agrees. He’s even called his YouTube channel ‘Too Stupid to Die’.

We’ve seen him before setting off firecrackers taped to his head. So we already know that he’s an idiot. But we get further proof of it here as Zachy boy decides to shoot himself with a paintball gun. At point blank range…

It’s not a smart idea. You might have picked up on that by now. But Zach isn’t interested in smart ideas. He’s interested in being an idiot and shooting his own teeth out.

Paint Ball

We bet his parents are proud.