Feeding Time Goes Wrong! Crowds Aghast As Crocodile SNAPS Keeper’s Arm In Half


Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. It’s New Year’s Eve and Trainer Sumet Thongkhammuan was entertaining the crowds at the Bung Boraphet ‘Show of Crocodiles‘. It’s a show he’d done a thousand times before… But this one was to go BADLY wrong!

He teases the huge croc by first poking its head with a wooden stick. Then carries on by placing his arm deep inside the reptile’s huge jaws. Then the jaws snap shut!

An eyewitness who was in the crowd said this about the horrific incident: ‘It was very scary. The man’s hand was broken in half. He was very lucky to still be alive.’

Crocodile Breaks Man's Arm

Here goes!