Dude Walk In On His Wife Cheating In Their Bed, Things Quickly Turn Violent


Walking in on your other half having s*x with someone else. It’s a nightmare. And in your own house? In your bedroom…? IN YOUR BED?! Nah, man. F*ck THAT.

That’s the realty this Alabama guy faced recently when he returned home early one day. Another guy in his bed banging his wife. He understandably loses his sh*t and starts pummeling the guy, but it’s not really the dude’s fault, is it?

We don’t advocate violence against women, but the guy isn’t to blame so much as the wife is in our book.

“What have you been doing, dog? What have you been doing, dog?!”

Caught Cheating fight

Here goes. Here’s what happens when you find your girl cheating with another man in your own bed.

Except most people probably connect with more punches. Still, check it out: