Girls Land Brutal Punches And Tear Dresses During Crazy Street Brawl


Go to any city center or street corner on a Friday or Saturday night, and you’ll witness an American tradition as old as the hills – the good ol’ fashioned street brawl. That’s right. The bars and clubs clear out, and thousands of people hit the streets loaded with beer and more. It’s almost inevitable that fights break out, some involving literally dozens of folks.

Take this bunch of ‘ladies.’ Now, we’re not sure what started this scrap, but boy are these girls angry. What starts as a slanging match quickly descends into an all out fight, as they fire into one another, landing punches, and ripping their clothing apart, all whilst being egged on by the crowds.

The fight only stops when police turn up on the scene. And even then, they have to physically remove some of the onlookers. Brutal!

girl fight

One thing I found odd about this video is that it appears to be filmed in HD. And does the dude have a tripod!? Bizarre!

Watch the incident below: