Dudes Convince Mom Of Annoying Kids To Flash While Driving


Reddit user Wargreymon153 decided to share Thuglife7196RIP’s story today on the forum website and we’re all glad he did. It’s a funny tale of when some young dudes managed to do the ultimate – convince a girl to flash. While driving!

Well, we say ‘girl’… She’s a mom. With a couple of kids. That were in the back! Apparently the youngsters had been annoying the guys and they meant the sign as a bit of an insult, more than anything. Not expecting results.

But they got them. And dig this – she even told them to pull over at the next stop!

Flashing mom in car

And here are the pictures they took. First of them asking the kids with their sign… Then of their mom reacting!

Flashing mom in car

If you’re that fussed about the uncensored version, you can check it out on Reddit here.