Girl Grabs Crotches Of 100 Random Dudes To Prove Something Or Other


If a dude went up to a hundred women and grabbed their asses, what do you think would happen? That’s right, the guy would go to jail. Rightly so too – there’s no place for that kind of sexual harassment in the world. But what about if the show was on the other foot and it was a girl running about the place grabbing a hundred men’s D’s? Well, that’s a totally¬†different¬†story. Not that it would ever happen, right?

Well not in real life. But for this prank video – that’s exactly what happens. A smoking hot Dominican girl is running about the place grabbing the pieces of a hundred dudes. Why? Well she’s proving something or other. Something about double standards or other.

Thing is – say she was ugly… Then would the guys all not complain? Not likely!


What does this prove really? We’re not entirely sure. Do double standards exist between the sexes? See what you think: