Goalkeeper Goes FULL THUG During Soccer Match!


Algerian goalkeeper Raïs M’Bolhi is a straight-up Thug. He don’t take no nonsense off anyone. Especially strikers from the opposition team who try to nick the ball away from him when he’s clutching hold of it. That exact situation came about in a game when he was playing in Bulgaria for CSKA Sofia…

After the kick, M’Bolhi lost his cool and exacted his revenge in the most hilarious way. Both players got sent off for the incident. Being a Thug is a red card offense in soccer, apparently. Damn.

Thug Fact:
Adi Raïs Cobos Adrien M’Bolhi, to give him his full name, is playing in the States at the moment for Philadelphia Union – so if you live in Philly – you’d better watch out!