Boyfriend Plays Hilarious Ghost Prank On Sleeping Girlfriend


Jessie and Jeana from the YouTube site Pranks Vs. Pranks have been at each others throats for years. In this new video from the pair, it’s Jessie’s turn to play a prank on his girlfriend … and he’s come up with a beauty. As Jeana sleeps, Jessie sets up a screen and a projector in the couple’s bedroom. Using his laptop, he projects the image of a ghostly girl on to the screen and waits for her to wake up. He doesn’t have long to wait before she starts to come around from her slumbers, disturbed by the unearthly noises in the room. When she does finally wake and see what’s floating around the room, her reaction is priceless.

These two can’t stop pranking one another. We don’t know how Jeana will get her revenge after this, but we expect it’ll be spectacular. Check it out: