Brit TV Star Jemma Lucy Rages After Fan Complains About Her Latest Instagram Picture.


Jemma Lucy. She’s a TV star. Well, ‘star’… We apply that term pretty loosely. She’s occasionally on television in Britain. She’s on MTV’s awful ‘Ex on the Beach‘ program. But she’s mostly a model. One who likes to flash herself about a bit. Especially on Instagram.

She’s raging at the moment though after a risky and NSFW picture of hers was taken down by bosses of the social media company after a fan reported her for its content…

She said this afterwards: “Whoever the f*ck it is that keeps reporting my pictures needs to get over their sad pathetic little life.”

Charming, huh?

She’s a classy chick.

The original nudey pic was captioned: ‘Eating ice and icing up my nipples cos that’s what I do on Sundays.’

Here’s a sneak peek…


Alright, well – here it is… Here’s the snap Instagram didn’t like and deleted:


Yeah. Those white triangles weren’t there. So you can kinda see why they deleted the picture, cant’ you?