Idiot Annoys Girlfriend By Giving Her Wedgies Every Day Until It Goes Wrong…


Wedgies. Damn! We haven’t thought about them since school. And, well, why would we? No one does them anymore, do they? We haven’t wedgied anyone since we were about ten years old.

The dude in this video, though? Julius Dein? He wedgies someone every day. His long-suffering girlfriend. And videos it for his YouTube channel. Or, y’know, he fakes it. Whatever, we get to see plenty of butt right here.

We don’t know… He’s ‘a big deal on YouTube and Snapchat‘, apparently. Pffft… So what? Guy seems a d*ck. Plastering pictures of his girl’s booty all over the internet. Ask us? She needs to leave his ass!

Wedgie Compilation

Here he is. The guy’s a douche, but he’s brought us dat a*s doe…