Objectified Or Empowered? These Celebrity Women Are Stripping Down To Prove A Point


By now you’ve no doubt heard all about Kim Kardashian’s selfie of late that caused so much controversy. The snap shows the TV personality flaunting her wares and leaving very little to the imagination. Although, to be fair to her, she uses some black bars to cover up the really interesting parts… Anyway – the pictures have caused quite a stir online.

Celebrities from Piers Morgan to Bette Midler, Pink to Chloe Grace Moretz have stepped forward to criticize Kim K for her naked antics. But just as many celebs have defended her.

For those of you that haven’t seen the picture of Kardashian yet, here it is:

Kim K

Model Emily Ratajkowski has stood up for Kim K and posted her homage:


Even Kylie Jenner‘s getting in on the action:


As is Sharon Osbourne


What do you reckon? Is this liberating? Is it a powerful show of female empowerment? Or is it just a bunch of women slutting it up a bit???