Man Arrested For Pleasuring Himself … AND A HORSE!


An Oregon man has been arrested after the owner of a horse spotted him ‘masturbating himself and the horse at the same time’. 56 year old Glen B. Garbutt was spotted by the horse’s owner getting busy with the horse’s and his own junk on Garbutt’s property. The owner had no idea how his horse got on to Garbutt’s property.

When challenged, Garbutt (pictured below) ran away. He was reported to Polk County Sheriff’s department and a hunt for the crazy horse masturbator was initiated. Two days later, Garbutt was tracked down hiding in a church. When confronted by a Polk County officer, he shouted:

“I didn’t have sex with a horse!”


The officer had not mentioned inappropriate behavior with a horse when he came across Garbutt, and so used his exclamation as an admission of guilt that he had indeed been pleasuring a horse. The officer arrested Garbutt and took him into custody. During questioning, Garbutt told police:

“I couldn’t have had sex with a horse because I hate horses.”

Despite this, he was charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and sexually assaulting a horse.