KKK Member Doesn’t Realize What ‘FUBU’ Stands For


In this hilarious video, journalist George Chidi approaches a Ku Klux Klan member who’s on his way to a rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia to show his support for the Confederate flag, the purity of the white man and all things racist. The journalist has a question for the guy – does he know who made his shoes? The man’s shoes are made by FUBU, the brand created by black entrepreneurs in Queens, New York over twenty years ago to encourage the growth of black-owned businesses. FUBU stands for ‘For Us By Us’.

The man has no idea he’s wearing shoes made by his supposed enemy. He just thinks he’s wearing sneakers that match the colors of his KKK baseball cap. Looks like here’s one white supremacist douche who hasn’t done his research!

Check it out: