Mom Films Crazy Awkward Confrontation With Son And Girl After Walking In Them


Talking about blowing things out of proportion, we think this mom’s reaction here really sucked. She returns home to find her kid locked in a room with a girl. Mom knows what’s happening, so she grabs her cameraphone and starts recording herself scalding the kid and his ‘shawty’…

Weirdest thing? She’s mostly upset that the jiggy’s getting done in the ‘dog room’ that has ‘all dog sh*t on the floor’. Quite why their dogs have their own sh*tted room is anyone’s guess. But that what concerns here. It’s the or*l.

She shouts at the girl: “You a nasty a*s b*tch! What’s wrong with you? That’s what your mother teaches you?”

Mom Catches Son Getting Head

The mom then addresses the camera… “She ain’t even got no toothpaste, she got the yuck mouth right now. What is wrong with these little girls?”

Mom of the year right here. Check it out: