Breaking Into Teacher’s House, Flashing… Norway School Leavers Are WILD!


They call it ‘Russefeiring‘. Or ‘Russ‘ for short. Who are ‘they’? Well, Norwegian kids. It’s kind of like a rites of passage thing. When they leave school there’s a short spell of craziness. They get drunk, they pull pranks, they have fun. They party, flash, sleep with strangers and even break into their teachers’ house and attempt to sleep there the night without being noticed.

Aled-Dilwyn Fisher, a teacher from Britain who has worked in Norway during these parties claims that they can get pretty wild. But he also says that most of the dares are all in good humor and do not involve hurting anyone or causing too much trouble or offence…

‘Most are a bit silly or even disgusting,’ he says. ‘But they pose no direct harm to others, such as drinking a half-liter of beer with two tampons stuck in your mouth,’ the teacher told a UK news agency.


It’s certainly pretty wild. Here’s more on the whole thing as we actually see some of the kids from Norway enjoying their Russefeiring…