Shocking Footage Shows Skydivers Almost Killed After Near Collision With Airplane!


Different people get their kicks in different ways. Whilst most of us are happy with more harmless pursuits, like chucking a ball around in the back yard or going for a swim, some like things a bit more exciting. These thrill seekers climb mountains, surf the oceans and, of course, jump out of planes! Skydiving, or parachuting as it is also sometimes called, is becoming increasingly popular. It involves exiting a plane at several thousand fee, free-falling for a few minutes and then descending back to earth using a parachute!

Any amateur who wants to take a shot at skydiving must do so with the aid of an instructor. They have to be strapped to him or her for the duration of the descent. Forest Pullman is one such instructor, with over 10,000 jumps to his name. In October last year Forest was working in Pattaya, Thailand when things took an unexpected turn. At first, everything seemed normal, as he and his tandem passenger jumped from 13,000 ft. However, in just a few short moments, Forest notices that the plane that they have jumped from has jerked 180 degrees and is now heading straight for them.

Luckily, the plane just misses them, meaning that Forest and his passenger escape almost certain death. But, it came so close that Pullman’s drogue and bridle (which are used as a pilot parachute to deploy the larger parachute for the landing) can be seen hanging over the wing.

Hilariously, Forest’s passenger is completely oblivious to what has just happened, and is having the time of the life!