Taliban Bullet Skims Soldier’s Head In This Amazing Video!


Most of us will never have to experience being shot at by someone who is trying their darndest to kill you. However, that is an almost everyday occurrence for those serving on the front line. Until last year, the USA was mired in a long and costly battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. During this war, US soldiers, along with those from its allies, had to endure fierce battles in unfamiliar territories. These guys needed extreme bravery, and they demonstrated it in spades.

A video has recently emerged of a group of soldiers moving from foxhole to foxhole on an Afghanistani battlefield, whilst coming under fire from the Taliban. They come across one of their buddies being tended to by a medic. It turns out that the man has been shot in the head, but has survived due to his trusty helmet!

Although the video is dramatic, and shows us the sort of sacrifices those in the military have to make, it is not without its funny moments. As the camera approaches, the wounded soldier tells his friends that the Taliban had “f**king shot me right in the f**king head” before adding “I’m a f**king stud, dude!”