Check Out Some Gangsta Animals Livin’ The Thug Life…


Watching creatures from the animal kingdom living the Thug Life and doing what they wanna do. All set to classic Hip-Hop. Is there a better way to spend your time? Well, maybe. But it’s unlikely that half a dozen Puerto Rican girls are going to come over to your place and stage a hot oil wrestling contest, so this will have to do…

This collection has it all: Thug goats, Thug birds, Thug hippos… there’s even a damn Thug donkey, ferchrissakes! All set to great old tracks by such legends in the biz like Dr. Dre.

Get some:

Thug Fact:
Tupac Shakur, the man behind The Thug Life, got his “Thug Life” tattoo in 1992 at Dago’s Tattoo Parlor in Houston, Texas.