Topless Biker Gets Her Butt Slapped By Car Driver As She Rides Along


Bikers. What do you think of them? Opinion is generally split, isn’t it? Either people think they’re cool outlaws types like on Sons of Anarchy or they think they’re lowlife criminal types like on Sons of Anarchy. Plus a lot of them make driving a car on the roads difficult, don’t they?

But we think we’ve found one biker you’re all gonna love. A topless biker. Don’t worry – she’s not a dude. And don’t worry about safety, either – she’s got a helmet on.

But, aside from a tiny pair of panties, that’s about all she’s got on. And she ain’t afraid to show it all off. She evens lets a car driver have a cheeky booty slap!

Girl on Bike

And here it is. Weird. Very weird…