Leaked Footage From Jail Shows How Brutal Underground ‘Prison Fight Clubs’ Are


Mt. Eden Jail, New Zealand. An underground prison fight club exists that sees inmates fighting, no holds barred. Money is staked, fists and kick fly, disputes are settled. The fights occur between the rival gangs Black Power, The Mongrel Mob and Head Hunters. The bouts are often used as initiations for new members.

And while rumors of the fights have existed for a long time, no footage has ever surfaced. Until now. The fights occur in close quarters, using makeshift arenas. Like jail cells. And the scraps are BRUTAL.

Weirdest thing? These are all fair fights. No one’s cheating or going to fair. Kinda strange when you consider that these dudes are cons.

New Zealand Jail Fight

These guys aren’t playing. This is savage AF. Check it out: