Unbelievable Moment Extreme Diver Dies Making Jump Live On TV


The River Drina in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 34 year-old Slovenian  extreme diver Andrej Beuc attempts a dangerous jump off a bridge. It’s a 65ft plummet and it’s being televised. All seems well before the jump. The actual jump itself goes well. But Andrej doesn’t surface again alive…

Extreme jumping is, obviously, very dangerous. But usually people survive… No one saw Andrej’s death coming. In fact, there was a crowd there watching and cheering. But their encouragement quickly turned to gasps as it became obvious that something had gone terrible, terribly wrong.

The Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanovic, was shocked. He said: “This is an athlete who had thousands of jumps. The incident has hit me – and everyone here – really hard.”

Extreme Diver

Here it is. Our thought are with his family…