Openly Gay Boxer Yusaf Mack Beats Up The Homophobic Troll That’s Been Abusing Him Online


Are they any gay boxers? Well, yeah. Yusuf Mack is an openly gay boxer. But he’s found himself in some big trouble after footage has emerged of him giving a beating to a man that had been trolling him about his sexuality on Twitter. The incident happened at a barber’s shop and could seen Mack imprisoned.

We understand his motivation, but it was a BIG mistake. Now he has committed assault, possible with a deadly weapon – since the man is a boxer…

“I’m not looking for sympathy or even understanding, I’ve kept this secret for a long time. It is time to move forward and this is me walking in my truth,” Mack had said about coming out before this incident.

“There are other men and women that are set up in the similar situations and I just hope I can be inspiration to just be you… I had to remember that I am a champ and I can fight and will fight through this. I am more than my sexual orientation. To all of my supporters I thank you dearly.”

Yusaf Mack

Here’s the footage from TMZ Sports: