Wannabe Gangsta Type Attacks Fast Food Employee; Immediately Regrets It!


You wanna know what we hate? Root beer. You know what else? The Red Hot Chili Peppers. But there’s other stuff too. Like people wagging their fingers in your face. True, it’s better than them wagging it in your butt, but being pointed at is so irritating. It’s an aggressive gesture that’s guaranteed to grind our gears.

You see it here. Some phoney gangbanger wannabe has hopped the counter at a pizza joint or somewhere and he’s intimidating the guy behind the counter. The employee is being calm and respectful, but he’s not flinching.

The fake gangsta telegrams a punch which the smaller guys blocks (his reactions are CRAZY QUICK). Then he counters. BLAM! BLAM! The dude’s down…


Talk about instant karma. This guy gets it immediately. And to the FACE!