Wedding Guests Force Newlywed Couple To Bang Right There In Front Of Them!


Chinese wedding ‘traditions’. They’re coming up with them all the time. New ones. Crazy ones. Disturbing ones. We’ve seen brides forced to strip and all sorts. But this one here? Well, this clip just proves that they’ve finally gone TOO FAR with it all.

Apparently now some wedding guests insist on making new couple HAVE S*X in front of them. And we’ve got the proof for you below…

One pervy wedding guest watches the bride and groom hugging, but that ain’t enough for him. He isn’t satisfied, you can hear him shouting at them (not in English): “You climb onto his body now!”


Another guest then joins in. A lady. She attempts to reposition the woman’s leg over the top of her shocked new husband while another guests is heard asking: “Are you two attached to each other!?”

This is seriously freaky. Can you imagine being forced to do something like this on your wedding day? How humiliating…

Check it out: