Bully Kid Gets Jaw Dislocated After Picking On A Victim Just Minding His Own Business


Bullies. No one likes seeing them in action. Unless part of that action is them get their comeuppance and getting knocked TFO. Tasting the concrete – that’s the price for picking on some people. And it’s proven once more here.

When you actually pay attention to the size of the kid this bully here starts┬ákicking… You quickly realize that the ‘bully’ is just a punk kid in skinny jeans with a sh*t haircut who ain’t that smart. You’ve gotta wonder why he even tried to pull that sh*t… He was always getting laid out in this situation.

The ‘victim’ has one Helluva left hook on him too. “BANG!” He smacks the bully and you can hear the kid’s jaw popping out and dislocating. That is NOT NICE. Still, hey – don’t pick on people and you won’t get your a*s beat…


You can hear the damned thing pop!