Coward Bullies a Homeless Guy; Gets Knocked Out For His Troubles


The homelessness problem in America is getting worse. Something needs to be done to combat a situation that sees 3.5 MILLION men, women and children experience life on the street in a given year in America.

Homeless people have enough to worry about each day. The last thing they need is a douchebag getting up in their grill and harassing them. It’s a sick sight and you’re about to see an example of it. But stick around, because the lowlife taunting and abusing a homeless guy gets INSTANT KARMA for it!

Out of nowhere, a p*ssed-off vigilante (or just a guy who knows what he’s seeing it wrong…) appears and serves the idiot a cracking left to send him to the floor. He staggers up and gets another which puts him down again. Once again he stumbles to his feet only to be dealt the knockout bow that ends it.

Check it out: