Unbelievable Footage Shows HUGE Brawl At Kids Birthday Party


Chuck E Cheese. A fast food restaurant designed for kids. It’s the ultimate birthday outing for a young ‘un celebrating their big day, isn’t it? Alright, so it might not be the classiest place or serve the best food – but the kids LOVE it, don’t they?

So you go, you let them invite their friends, they run about like little crazies and you chill with a shake. What you don’t do at the place that has the sloganwhere a kid can be a kid’ is have a HUGE FIGHT. Right, right? Well, someone forgot to tell EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE…

This is just insane. It’s a mass brawl occurring during a small child’s birthday party at a Chuck E Cheese. Seriously.


This is flat out insane. These parents need to be ashamed…