Crazed Woman High On Crack Goes Nuts; Assaults People; Takes A Deuce On The Sidewalk


Drugs are bad. M’kay? We’ve been told it plenty over the years, haven’t we? And not just by Mr. Mackey on South Park. There’s been the DARE campaign, plus all that stuff at school. And no doubt all of our parents have given us ‘the drugs conversation’.

And maybe there’s something to it. Weed aside, a lot of harder drugs can run a real risk of f*cking you up and causing long term damage. Mental health issues are a real threat when it comes to things like meth or crack. And we’ve got some serious proof for you right here.

This woman here is on crack cocaine. And she is tweaked BIG TIME. She’s shouting and screaming and assaulting random strangers. Which is all very weird, but nothing compared to her final act… She drops her pants on the sidewalk and takes a cr*p!


It ain’t pretty, but it’s certainly something. Something crazy. Check it out (if you dare…):