Cops and Drug Dealer Engage in Deadly Shootout During Drugs Raid


The July 2012 footage of the shootings of Miami-Dade Police Officer John Saavedra and marijuana growhouse suspect Gerard Delgado has been released and it makes for some pretty shocking watching. The shot cop survived but Delgado died after a gunfight between drug dealers and cops.

Police say they discovered over eighty pounds of marijuana worth almost $100,000 at the suspected cannabis farmhouse near Coral Way and Southwest 60th Court. But the bust was interrupted when the two suspects, Delgado and accomplice Luis Estevanell, came out guns blazing…

Estevanell got ten years for his part on the shootout. In court he claimed that he didn’t believe that the cops were actually cops. Instead, him and his partner thought they were rival weed growers come to rob them.

See the deadly shootout here: