Stylist Reveals How To Get Away With A Crotch Baring Dress


If you’ve been on social media over the last few days, you will have seen the latest fashion craze of women wearing dresses that expose their bare crotch. Bella Hadid was the first to step out in one of these dresses at the Cannes Film Festival, then Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello followed suit at the premiere of The Young Pope.

And now, these dresses are hitting the high street. But can an ordinary woman without a stylist pull off the look?


Fashion Presenter and Stylist Naomi Isted is not a fan of the new trend:

“Celebrity stylists are always looking for ways for their star clients to get global press and coverage, the more shocking an outfit the more coverage. There’s a trend this year for everyone to wear sheer dresses with bodysuits underneath and this is an extreme extension of that. It’s not a realistic for the public to wear. It’s quite a dangerous look as it could go horribly wrong. If there’s no underwear it’s a potential fashion catastrophe.”


However, if you are going to give one of these dresses a go, which are available at a number of stores, including Lasula, Boohoo and Missy Empire, Naomi has the following advice:

“Go for skin toned shapewear. Ideally a big pant option which would be safer bet. If the skirt goes over to one side it will hopefully protect dignity at the back. Better still go for shapewear or a strapless bodysuit with a big pant in your skin tone.”


So, will you be giving this trend a go?