Attention Seeker Struts About In Public Claiming She ‘Didn’t Realize’ Her Yoga Pants Were See-Through


See through yoga pants. How does it happen? Are they made like that on purpose? Are they a quirk of science? Or was the person who invented them just a total dude who knew exactly what he was doing…?

Anyway, however they were created, they’re here. And let’s pray they’re here to stay. We’ve got a beautiful example of the see-through pants right here for you, but it comes with a conundrum – does the girl wearing them know they’re see through? Does she realize we can all see her junk? We’re guessing that YEP! Yes, she does.

There ain’t no way this girl isn’t aware. Total attention seeker…


She ‘didn’t know’… Yeah, alright. SURE.


Here it is, anyway: