This Girl’s Ass-ets Put Kim Kardashian In The Shade!


As well as being one of the greatest rappers of all time, Sir Mixalot is a bit of a trendsetter. Nowadays, people seem totally obsessed with the bigger booty, don’t they? The ‘itty bitty’ butts of old are dead, no one’s keen on them anymore. It’s all about the big round behinds. Baby better have back, is what we’re saying.

And Kathy Ferreiro certainly does. She’s a Cuban lady who knows exactly what her best assets are. And – unlike Nicki Minaj and others, hers are all real… That’s right, there’s no creepy fake buttock implants weirdness here.

Ferreiro is a 21 year-old Cuban-born model who lives in Miami and her social media channels are a must-follow if you’re a convert to Sir Mixalot’s principles. All her pictures show off her butt. So don’t worry, it’s worth a scroll. Check a few of ’em out:

Curvy Butt

You can see why she’s known as ‘The Cuban Kim Kardashian’, can’t you?

Curvy Butt

Lots of people think that her pictures are photoshopped, but her PR guy (yeah, really) says this:

‘The great thing is her body is all natural and that is why she is drawing so much attention. She’s a gorgeous girl with curves in all the right places.’

Curvy Butt