Girl Fight Between Dunkin’ Donuts Manager And Customer Breaks Out; Gets CRAZY!


It’s not unusual for an issue to get raised in a restaurant or coffee shop. A customer isn’t overly happy about the service or food or bill. So they ask to speak to the manager. A conversation happens. The situation’s resolved. That’s how things normally go down, right? Right. But not always…

In the video you’re about to watch, a disagreement between a rowdy customer and the manager of a branch of Dunkin’ Donuts gets serious. Heated. The manager asks the customer to leave. The customer refuses. Then the pair get into a HUGE girl fight. Hands fly, insults and threats are traded… Things go from tense to UFC in mere seconds.

It appears as though the customer is drunk and may well have been the aggressor, but it’s pretty surprising to see a manager resort to physical violence.

Check it out: