Man Terrorizing Neighborhood With Machete Gets Taken Out By TWO Cars!


Oakland, California. A crazed man, very possibly on some pretty strong drugs, is running around on a street corner at 3.30am, waving a machete and threatening two men in cars. The men are thought to be pimps, upset at the deranged man for harassing and threatening two of their girls. Sounds like something from Grand Theft Auto, right? Right.

The man is shouting threats when suddenly he lurches into the road and tries to attack one of the men in their vehicles. They drive off. But not for long. The driver, and his pal in another car, head back. At speed. Their intention? To run the man with the machete down. And they’re pretty successful. But he keeps getting up. Like Michael Myers from Halloween (if he were on crystal meth).

It’s a messed up scene, but it’s not like we haven’t seen people getting run over during fights before, is it?!

Check out this pretty jaw-dropping situation…