Miss Finland Destroys Pro Poker Player With An Unbelievable Bluff!


Sara Chafak is somewhat of an amateur when it comes to poker. Whereas she has put in hours of practice standing on a podium looking epically hot, she has spent precious little time around a poker table. However, after seeing this awesome video we suggest that she goes pro!

Miss Finland

During heat 7 of PokerStar’s Shark Cage Competition, it came down to just Sara and pro poker’s Ronnie Bardah, who was the first player to win big money for five successive tournaments in the World Series Of Poker. When Sara was dealt a pretty crappy hand, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Bardah would take her to the cleaners. But Sara monumentally bluffs Ronnie, leaving him with absolutely nothing.

After brutally wiping him out, Sara adds insult to injury by revealing her cards to Berdah. Just look at his face when this happens!

So hats off to poker queen Sara Chafak