One For The Dudes! A Night Out With The Fellas Is Good For Your Health!


Guys, we’ve all been there. You plan a night out with your buddies only for the wife/gf to pour cold water all over it with disapproving glances and comments about ‘behaving yourself’ and not getting too drunk. Well next time this happens, shut her up by telling her that going out with the boys is actually good for you! According to scientists, going out with friends of the same sex reduces stress level, especially compared to a night in with your partner and/or kids.

drinks 1

This research came from experiments involving Barbary Macaques. Scientists measured the hormones of the apes in different social situations, leading to some eye-opening results. When with members of the same sex, the males were less anxious and felt more protected compared to when they were grouped with females or a mix of both sexes. Further, stress-related illnesses only tended to be present in females or both sexes within a pair.

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If surrounded solely by members of their own sex, the male Barbary Macaques didn’t demonstrate high levels of stress in trying situations. But, this was shown not to be the case when placed with members of the opposite sex.

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In short, a regular night out with the boys will help to keep your stress levels low. So give us a break, girls!