Racist Female Bully Gets Her Butt Kicked After Pushing One Kid Too Far


Violence against women is wrong. In a perfect world, no one would hit a female and no one would want to. Hell, in a perfect world, no one would feel the need to throw a hand at anyone. But there is something particularly unpleasant about men beating up women. But sometimes a man is left with very little option…

Is this one of those situations? Where somewhere might say ‘equal rights and equal lefts‘? Well, arguably, yeah. You could argue that the violence isn’t necessarily needed, but hey – the girl here was being an unbearably racist b*tch. No one likes a bully, after all.

After laying out a stream of racist insults to a black student, the guy who’s having to take it loses his cool and goes CRAZY. He beats her a*s good.


See what went down:


A closer look: