Schoolkid Makes AMAZING Comeback In Bathroom Fight With Bully. Knocks Him The F* Out!


In this video, the school bully decides he’s going to beat the living daylights outta some poor kid in the school bathroom. He shows no mercy, pummeling the unfortunate little guy until it looks like he ain’t gonna be able to take any more. The bully looks like he’s going to do what bullies sadly do best – rag on the smaller guy to score an easy victory.

But then something amazing happens. The bully just can’t seem to bring his opponent down, no matter how many times he lands punches to the kid’s face and torso. This is pretty brutal stuff. Surely that kid is going down? Nobody can take bullying on this scale, can they?

Well, it turns out the other kid’s got a couple tricks up his sleeve. Tricks the bully never saw coming. THIS is what they mean when they tell kids to stand up to bullies. As you’ll see, this punk gets what he deserves. Be warned, it’s pretty brutal stuff.