Spanish Musician Plays Jingle Bells On “Girls'” Asses In Thongs


Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a celebrated Spanish percussionist playing Jingle Bells on eight naked butt cheeks. Colon Cancer Canada teamed up with Jorge Perez to bring us this festive treat, and we have to admit it’s a sight to behold. First up, Perez hits the Colon Cancer Canada office to select the right ‘instruments’ for his video. He does this by running around playing bald heads, butt cheeks and shoulders. A master of his craft needs to be thorough, after all.

Next up he calls an audition, and the charity workers eagerly line up to see if their asses have what it takes to make the grade. Finally, after much expert slapping has taken place, the choice is made, and four lucky people line up with their naked backsides thrust in the air, eagerly awaiting the expert palms of the maestro. The curtain rises, the stage is set, the time has come. It’s time for Jingle Bells performed in the key of Ass to begin.

This could be the first time in human history that Jingle Bells has been played on a set of butt cheeks. It’s a truly magical moment. This is the true spirit of Christmas.